Transportation & Parking


*Transportation is NOT included in your registration.  Optional bus tickets can be purchased by clicking here.  Each ticket includes transportation for your bike and luggage as well.  See below for tips on how to properly box your bike, as OK Freewheel, Inc. takes NO responsibility for anything that happens to your bike during the trip.*

Departure Info – The buses will leave from Eastwood Baptist Church in Tulsa for Wichita Falls, TX, June 10th, at 7am sharp. The Oklahoma City Bus will leave from TBD in Oklahoma City, June 10th, at 9am.

Return Info – The return buses will leave from the Finish Town (South Haven, KS) and take you back to either our start town (Wichita Falls, TX), Tulsa, or Oklahoma City on June 17th at 2pm. Plan your final day’s ride so that you arrive in time to box and load your bike for the return trip.

Location of bus pickup in Tulsa, OK:

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Location of bus pickup in Oklahoma City, OK: TBD


You have permission to leave your car (at your own risk) in the Eastwood Baptist Church parking lot in Tulsa and TBD in Oklahoma City the entire week of the ride.

The Eastwood Baptist Church is located close to Tulsa’s airport, and if you plan on staying in a hotel the night before most of the airport hotels will provide a shuttle to the church.

Location of bus pickup in South Haven, KS:

You have permission to leave your car (at your own risk) at TBD for the entire week of the ride.  The lot is located between ???

Bus reservations are now being sold online.  Click here for bus tickets and pricing.

Parking at the start and finish

Parking will be available for those driving to the start or finish and leaving their car for the week and for those joining the ride mid-week. Though we ask local law enforcement to keep an eye on vehicles parked in the start, finish, and mid-week towns, cars are not guarded 24×7 nor is the parking location likely to be fenced or otherwise secured. In other words, parking is at your own risk. We’ve not had any problems with cars being bothered or vandalized in the past, but that’s not a guarantee.

Boxing Your Bike

Bikes are carried by the luggage truck that leaves with the buses. Most bus riders box their bikes and you are STRONGLY ADVISED to box yours! Boxes protect your bike and make loading them on the truck for transportation much more efficient.

Freewheel, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage to bicycles. After un-boxing bikes at the start, boxes are flattened and carried at the front of the luggage truck until the end of the ride when bus riders re-box their bikes for the return to Tulsa or the starting community.

Boxing your bike is by far the safest way to transport your bicycle for those opting for any of the bus options. That said, about 50% of bus riders have elected not to box their bikes in the past few years. It’s up to you.

If you’ve never “boxed” your bike before, you may wish to get assistance from your local bike shop.

Or review the articles at the following web sites for instructions on how best to box your bike: