Outdoor Camping

Oklahoma FreeWheel is PRIMARILY A CAMPING TOUR.  The majority of riders bring their own shelter and become a part of each night’s “tent city,” generally located on park or school grounds near shower, toilet, and other facilities. FreeWheel provides a shower truck, which will be located near campers offering hot showers at the end of each day. Additionally, FreeWheel provides clean and convenient port-a-johns to supplement facilities available in the host communities. Each host community is instructed to have emergency facilities available and plans prepared to evacuate campers to a safe haven should foul weather threaten. Riders should be sure to check at the host city’s information area to determine where this shelter area is in each camp.

Indoor Camping

Though host communities are requested to provide indoor camping opportunities as well, indoor facilities are generally limited. These facilities are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Most host communities will charge a nominal fee for indoor camping.

Some communities get local churches and other organizations to host indoor campers as well, generally for a small fee. The bottom line is that indoor facilities are not guaranteed to all who might want them. You should plan accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INDOOR CAMPERS: Indoor campers are NOT allowed to wear bicycle cleated shoes in the indoor facilities, nor are riders allowed to take their bicycles into the indoor camping facilities. We ask all FreeWheel riders to treat the facilities offered in each community as you would your own home by removing cleated shoes or sandals, leaving your bicycle outside, and leaving the facilities clean when you depart. You should come prepared with a lock to secure your bike outside any indoor sleeping facilities.


Limited motel/hotel accommodations may be available in some of the towns that host FreeWheelers. You will have to contact the local Chambers of Commerce for information on availability and location of such facilities and make your own arrangements. If you elect and are able to find motel accommodations, you are also responsible for getting your luggage to and from your motel. Bags must be on the luggage truck by 8am each morning. Plan accordingly.

Pork Belly Ventures – Tent Services and more

Pork Belly Ventures offers a variety of services and can provide, for a fee, tents and more for those who prefer to get into camp with their tent already set up, a relaxing chair available in the shade, their luggage in the tent, cool refreshment at the end of your day’s ride, etc. See the section on Rider Services for more information.

Pork Belly Ventures – Motel Trailer

Pork Belly Ventures is offering a motel trailer for the 2015 edition of OK Freewheel.  This Motel Trailer offers air-conditioning, mattresses, pillows, and linens in your carpeted room.  See the section on Rider Services for more information.